You won’t Believe How a Mallo Cup is Born. Once You Find Out, You’ll never Be the Same Again.

Mallo Cup

Many of you have asked, and we decided to finally answer! How do we get that delicious marshmallow into each and every Mallo Cup? The answer might shock you! Each and every Mallo Cup goes through a vigorous procedure in our Altoona factory, under the supervision of the world’s top candy scientists. The first step in the Mallo Cup process is the selection of the perfect paper cups. Each and every paper candy cup is put through a physical challenge to prove its worthiness to hold and protect the precious Mallo Cup. After the strongest cups are chosen, the fun begins.

Every Mallo Cup starts as an empty chocolate shell, which will soon be stuffed with the finest marshmallow crème known to mankind. Once the marshmallows are matured, they’re ready to start the journey to their chocolate homes. Once ready, the marshmallows will train to get stronger enough to penetrate the chocolate shell of each Mallo Cup. The Mallows attach tiny capes to their creamy, sugary backs and begin the climb to the top of the factory diving board. Down below, eager chocolate shells await their arrival. One by one, each marshmallow trooper begins the plummet to chocolaty goodness. Once the marshmallow has reached its final destination, the Mallo Cup as you know it today is born.

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