What to Do with Your Mallo Points

ChStaying loyal to your favorite brand of candy is as simple as continuously buying their products. For brands like Boyer Candy, saving your Mallo cup points can give you the opportunity to do more than just eat your favorite brand — you can wear it and share it!

Mallo Cup Points

As many avid Mallo cup lovers are aware, Mallo Cup Play Money, which can be redeemed for Boyer Candy prizes, is found inside of each package of Mallo cups. Why not go above and beyond to represent your favorite chocolate candies or share their brand with the world?

Gifting for Friends and Family

If you’ve been a true supporter of Mallo cups, why not treat yourself or a loved one with a prize? Saving Mallo points provides you with extra funds to buy more candy, buy yourself some Mallo cup memorabilia, or even find the perfect Christmas gift for a loved one.

Sharing your love of Mallo cups with the world is not only a great way to support a brand that has earned your loyalty, but you’ll be doing others a favor by introducing them to these delicious treats. The prizes available to purchase for Mallo cups are reasonable items that you can find everyday use for, so they’ll make the perfect gift for a birthday or holiday event!

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