What the History of Mallo Cups Means to You

When you’re indulging in your favorite chocolate snack, the last thing on your mind is the history behind its existence. You’re much more concerned with satisfying your current candy thirst than thinking about where the candy actually came from.

However, like any other candy treat and a favorite for many, chocolate marshmallow cups have their own interesting story, which may make you love them even more. Their history is so important because, without it, Mallo Cups wouldn’t exist.

Mallo Cup History

Marshmallows throughout History

Though you may only consider marshmallows important for their place in s’mores and chocolate candy cups, they have been around for over 2,000 years!

The Mallow plant was used by the Egyptians for the same thing — to make candies for their Gods and Pharaohs. Although chocolate wasn’t around to coat these tasty treats, the mallow was mixed into cakes and other treats and eventually, the marshmallow was used in other ways, such as medical treatments for coughs and sore throats.

Their Effect on Today’s Candies

While you’re enjoying your favorite Boyer Mallo Cup, you can thank the Boyer Brothers for their continued interest in pursuing their business. With much experimentation with marshmallow creme, their attempts to cover it with chocolate always ended in failure. After their mother suggested using a paper cup to hold the candy and marshmallow, their success in the 1930s led to the famous Mallo Cups, which are still a favorite among candy lovers today.

The Boyer Brothers continued to expand their company, which included Smoothie Cups and other Mallo Cup varieties, like the Dark Chocolate Mallo Cup and larger sizes, which include a six pack and an eight pack.

It’s easy to forget about the history behind your favorite chocolate covered candy, but before you snack on your favorite treat, think about where it came from and how it grew to be as delicious as it is today.

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