The Changing Faces of the Mallo Cup


Every day, the Boyer Candy plan makes over 2 million delicious Mallo Cups! If you were to line up 2 million Mallo Cups side by side, it would stretch and cover an amazing 58 delicious miles! With numerous other cup candies on the market, the Mallo Cup has the honor to call itself America’s first cup candy! That’s right; the very first cup candy in the United States was the deliciously delectable Mallo Cup. The Boyer Brothers created this delicious candy in the mid-1930s, and today the Mallo Cup is still enjoyed by millions!

Throughout the years and long history of the Mallo Cup many things have certainly changed! However, the one thing that never changed with the Mallo Cup is the delicious way it’s made! Since the 1930s, the Mallo Cup has remained a delicious cup candy that fans young and old will enjoy forever! Boyer Candy also takes great pride in continuing to make American made candy! The Mallo Cup has a sweet history and we look forward to continuing this delicious history for many years to come! We hope you enjoy the many faces of the Mallo Cup and remember some of these classic wrappers.

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