Starting Your Summer with S’Mores

Just as your family carries out traditions for each holiday throughout the year, celebrating Memorial Day is no different. Boyer Candy realizes the importance of continuing these traditions and starting new ones, especially when it comes to the snack selection! We provide snacks and gifts for all occasions. At the end of this month, show your family and friends a time they will truly remember when you treat them to the delicious goodness that is Boyer Candy at your Memorial Day gathering.

For example, our Do It Yourself Mallo Cup S’Mores Kit is sure to be a hit as you kick off the summer season. Each kit comes equipped with the perfect ingredients to please all the guests in attendance. There is something for everyone’s sweet tooth!

Our kits include .5oz Mallo Cups, foil sheets and graham crackers to perfect the summertime concoction known as the S’More. These tasty treats will be sure to please at your campfire on Memorial Day weekend and all throughout the summer!

We can’t picture our summertime soirees without this old-fashioned favorite, and yours shouldn’t be without them either! We help take the guesswork out of how many packages of ingredients to purchase – each kit comes with enough supplies to yield 18 S’Mores. We will save you time when it comes to picking up the essential goodies that go into this summertime treat – that way you can enjoy them sooner and with ease!

Find these Do It Yourself Mallo Cup S’Mores Kits and other family favorites for your Memorial Day party – or for anytime you need a pick-me-up! Let Boyer Candy’s gifts for all occasions help you celebrate the right way each and every time!

gifts for all occasions

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