Mallo World Cup!

Mallo World Cup

The World Cup is long underway in Brazil with some of the world’s greatest teams competing for the coveted World Cup. The World Cup has a long and fascinating history, just as long and fascinating as the history of our coveted Mallo Cup. During the 2014 World Cup why not try and host your own Mallo World Cup? Here are the rules:

  • Every Mallo Cup comes with Boyer Play Money. The goal of the Mallo World Cup is simple! Start a Mallo World Cupcompetition with your friends to see who could collect the most Play Money throughout the duration of the World Cup. You can wager whatever you’d like. Don’t forget that every pack of Mallo Cups come with Play Money of different value!
  • The World Cup ends July 13th, so start eating your Mallo Cups today and see where you end up come mid-July.

At Boyer Candy we’re okay with any reason to eat Mallo Cups in mass quantities! Whether enjoying your favorite team on the pitch or looking for a fun competition, make Mallo Cups part of your 2014 World Cup. If you decide to participate in the 2014 Mallo World Cup, tweet your photos to @BoyerCandy or leave a comment below. Happy snacking!

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