Mallo Cup Chocolate Cookie Sundae: A Cool Boyer Summer Treat

mallo icecream

Who doesn’t love a delicious ice cream sundae? After a day in the hot summer heat, there’s nothing better than a huge delicious cold ice cream sundae. What could possible make an ice cream sundae even better? How about the addition of a Boyer Candy Mallo Cup?


  • 2 fun-bite sized Mallo Cups
  • 4 oz Boyer Mallo Cup Fluff
  • 3 scoops of your favorite ice cream
  • 4-6 oz chocolate cookie dough.


  • Press cookie dough into a microwave safe bowl
  • Heat dough for 1 minute
  • Scoop ice cream into bowl
  • Put Mallo Fluff on ice cream.
  • Either break up Mallo Cup pieces or put them on the ice cream whole.
  • Get a spoon
  • Enjoy

There’s nothing better than a Boyer summer! Enjoy this sweet treat today.

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