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Boyer Play Money

Since 1936, Boyer Candy has been proudly producing the ever popular Mallo Cup that is enjoyed by many for its unique and flavorful combination of gluten free chocolate and marshmallow. Even more exciting than ripping open the retro yellow package to find a delicious cup candy is opening a pack of any Boyer treat to find Boyer Play Money! Boyer Play Money, also known as coin cards, arrives in printed trays on which the candy sits. Play Money comes in values ranging from 5 to 500 points, which can be saved and used towards a plethora of awesome Boyer Candy prizes, and even a cash rebate.playmoney-left-large

Once a Boyer fan saves 500 points, they can then send their coin cards to Boyer Candy and be rewarded with the option of choosing several different prizes found in the Boyer Play Money Catalog. In the early days, customers would be able to trade in saved Play Money for a box of candy, but eventually the prize was a Marty Mallo Check redeemable for $1.00. In the late 80s, the program expanded to include other Boyer prizes like hats, tins of candy, watches, figurines, and so much more.

Because of our loyal fans, the Boyer Play Money Program is alive and strong. So start eating and saving today!

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