Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Candy

amazing candy facts

How much do you really know about candy? Sure, you know how delicious our gluten free and American made Mallo Cups are, but we’re talking about candy in general. Below are some amazing facts that you probably didn’t know about the long history of sweet treats:

  • Americans eat more candy than citrus fruits. In a 2009 study, it showed that Americans ate 24 pounds of candy per capita, compared to 20 pounds of citrus fruit.
  • The original s’more actually had cream cheese on it.
  • During wartime, the US army created such a high demand for candy that candy manufacturers couldn’t keep up with the demand.
  • 90 million chocolate Easter bunnies are made for Easter each year. That’s a lot of bunnies.
  • The true inventor of candy corn is still a mystery.
  • A woman in France lived to the age of 121 credited her long life to eating more than two pounds of chocolate every week.
  • The Mallo Cup was the very first cup candy made in the USA!
  • 2.8 billion pounds of chocolate is consumed in America every year.
  • The United States produces more chocolate than any other country, but the Swiss consume the most.

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