Celebrate National Chocolate Day with Boyer Candy Company

National Chocolate Day

Tuesday October 28th is National Chocolate Day and Boyer Candy Company has exactly what you need to celebrate the right way! Below are just a few of our favorite products that you can conveniently buy on our online candy store. Celebrate National Chocolate Day the right way. Celebrate with Boyer Candy Company. Don’t forget to stock up on all of your favorite Halloween treats while you’re at it.

  • Mallo Cups: The candy that started it all! Our Mallo Cups are gluten free chocolaty cups of heaven! Enjoy a Mallo Cup on National Chocolate Day or any day.
  • Dark Chocolate Mallo Cups:  Imagine everything you love about our classic Mallo Cup, but with the delicious bitter-sweet flavor of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate lovers can’t get enough of these delicious cup candies.
  • Chocolate bark: Did you know that Boyer Candy also has a large selection of different chocolate bark candies? From mixed nut to butterscotch, we have something for every personal flavor.
  • Triple Twist Pretzels: Salty, sweet, and the perfect treat! Our Triple Twist Pretzels are a delicious combination of Boyer chocolate and pretzel. These are so good, that you’ll want to buy them in bulk.


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