Boyer Candy Holiday Gift Guide

With the holidays quickly approaching, Boyer Candy Company makes it easy to shop for your loved one by offering many nostalgic gifts.  Check out the several gift options available, there is sure to be something for everyone!



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Graduation Party Candy for All Ages

With graduation season upon us, it can be challenging to find the perfect gift for your graduate. Whether it’s a graduation from pre-school, high school, or college, the graduate in your life deserves some special recognition for all of their hard work! There is no greater gift to enjoy than the gift of delicious chocolates from Boyer Candy!

Not only does Boyer Candy offer gifts for special occasions and gifts that are designed to make the grad feel special, but we also supply gifts the grad can share with all of their friends and family who attend their graduation party. Instead of showering only the grad with all of the deliciousness, you can treat each of the guests at the graduation party with Boyer Candy treats thanks to our Party Time Chocolate Candy Buffet!

This buffet truly has something for everyone. It is certainly the chocolate lover’s heaven, as it features a variety of choices to enjoy. Each buffet includes:

  • 1- 8 oz. Butterscotch Peanut Bark
  • 1- 8 oz. Dark Chocolate Peanut Bark
  • 2- 8 oz. Peanut Butter Pretzel Bark
  • 1- 8 oz. Milk Chocolate Pretzel Bark
  • 1- 8 oz. White Chocolate Peanut Bark
  • 1- 8 oz. Milk Chocolate Pretzel Rods
  • 20 oz. Mallo Cups
  • 20 oz. Smoothie Cups

Our Party Time Chocolate Candy Buffet is an ideal graduation party candy selection because there is truly something for everyone to enjoy, especially for the “student” in the spotlight! Whether you’re looking to spoil your recent graduate with gifts they will cherish for some time after graduation has passed, or if you’re on the hunt for the perfect graduation party candy, look no further than Boyer Candy. Our longstanding dedication to family traditions and quality products will assure you that you’ve made the right choice!

graduation party candy

Starting Your Summer with S’Mores

Just as your family carries out traditions for each holiday throughout the year, celebrating Memorial Day is no different. Boyer Candy realizes the importance of continuing these traditions and starting new ones, especially when it comes to the snack selection! We provide snacks and gifts for all occasions. At the end of this month, show your family and friends a time they will truly remember when you treat them to the delicious goodness that is Boyer Candy at your Memorial Day gathering.

For example, our Do It Yourself Mallo Cup S’Mores Kit is sure to be a hit as you kick off the summer season. Each kit comes equipped with the perfect ingredients to please all the guests in attendance. There is something for everyone’s sweet tooth!

Our kits include .5oz Mallo Cups, foil sheets and graham crackers to perfect the summertime concoction known as the S’More. These tasty treats will be sure to please at your campfire on Memorial Day weekend and all throughout the summer!

We can’t picture our summertime soirees without this old-fashioned favorite, and yours shouldn’t be without them either! We help take the guesswork out of how many packages of ingredients to purchase – each kit comes with enough supplies to yield 18 S’Mores. We will save you time when it comes to picking up the essential goodies that go into this summertime treat – that way you can enjoy them sooner and with ease!

Find these Do It Yourself Mallo Cup S’Mores Kits and other family favorites for your Memorial Day party – or for anytime you need a pick-me-up! Let Boyer Candy’s gifts for all occasions help you celebrate the right way each and every time!

gifts for all occasions

Teacher Appreciation Week Done Right with Chocolate Covered Pretzel Gifts

chocolate covered pretzel gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week

Your child’s teacher plays a huge role in their life, so why not show them how thankful you are for how much they do on a daily basis? With Teacher Appreciation Week underway, there is no better time than now to shower them with your support. At Boyer Candy, we’re proud to offer a variety of products for you to choose from or combine to create the perfect gift for teachers at any education level.

While the age-old tradition of giving teacher an apple still lingers, consider taking a new approach! If you want to give the gift of something edible, but want to guarantee the teacher will truly enjoy it, head on over to our selection of chocolate covered pretzel gifts! While we feature classic chocolate-covered pretzels, you will also find our very own pretzel bark in a variety of flavors. Sweeten up your Teacher Appreciation Gifts with the following:

Classic Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Trio Tin
These delicacies make a terrific gift for the chocolate-loving teachers, especially those that also enjoy a bit of salty goodness along with their sweet treats. These lucky teachers will receive milk chocolate pretzels, peanut butter pretzels, and milk chocolate covered honey graham rods in a collectible Boyer Candy Company tin. That’s quite the assortment for their snacking pleasure!

Milk Chocolate Pretzel Bark
Another salty and sweet gift to share is Milk Chocolate Pretzel Bark. In this delicious concoction, the creamy milk chocolate goodness meets pretzels bits for a heavenly combination.

Peanut Butter Pretzel Bark
If milk chocolate is not “the teacher’s pet,” there is also a peanut butter bark that is free from chocolate. There are still bits of pretzel mixed in; however, it is only our smooth peanut butter recipe in which they are immersed.

White Chocolate Pretzel Bark
Keeping with the pretzel bark theme, there is also another option for non-milk chocolate lovers: White Chocolate Pretzel Bark! This particular bark differs from the others in the fact that instead of pretzel bits, there are whole pretzels dipped and coated in this white chocolate creation.

Show your appreciation for teachers now and year-round with our variety of new and old favorites. For these chocolate covered pretzel gifts and other thoughtful treats for Teacher Appreciation Week, browse our selection at today!

What to Do with Your Mallo Points

ChStaying loyal to your favorite brand of candy is as simple as continuously buying their products. For brands like Boyer Candy, saving your Mallo cup points can give you the opportunity to do more than just eat your favorite brand — you can wear it and share it!

Mallo Cup Points

As many avid Mallo cup lovers are aware, Mallo Cup Play Money, which can be redeemed for Boyer Candy prizes, is found inside of each package of Mallo cups. Why not go above and beyond to represent your favorite chocolate candies or share their brand with the world?

Gifting for Friends and Family

If you’ve been a true supporter of Mallo cups, why not treat yourself or a loved one with a prize? Saving Mallo points provides you with extra funds to buy more candy, buy yourself some Mallo cup memorabilia, or even find the perfect Christmas gift for a loved one.

Sharing your love of Mallo cups with the world is not only a great way to support a brand that has earned your loyalty, but you’ll be doing others a favor by introducing them to these delicious treats. The prizes available to purchase for Mallo cups are reasonable items that you can find everyday use for, so they’ll make the perfect gift for a birthday or holiday event!

Make Valentine’s Day Sweeter with Boyer Candy


Each year on February 14th, people around the world exchange cards, gifts, flowers, and most importantly candy with their special Valentine. Named for a Christian martyr, and dating back to the 5th century, Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate your love and adoration for those closest to you. It wasn’t until the second half of the 20th century that modern Valentine’s Day traditions began, and Boyer Candy is happy to be part of today’s modern Valentine’s Day traditions.

Don’t forget that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and everybody knows the best Valentine’s Day candy gifts come from Boyer Candy!  From Mallo Cups to delicious treats straight from the Boyer kitchen, we have the best selection of Valentine’s Day candy that is sure to warm the heart and satisfy the sweet tooth of the sweet heart in your life. Make this Valentine’s Day a little sweeter with Boyer Candy.


Boyer Candy Holiday Gift Guide

candy gifts

The holiday season is here! The season for gift giving and spending time with those we love is upon us, which means it’s time to start that holiday shopping. Did you know that Boyer Candy Company offers a lot of fun and awesome gifts for the holiday? We not only sell the best gluten free candy made in the USA, but also offer super cool Boyer Candy merchandise for the sweet tooth in your life. We’re proud to present the 2014 Boyer Candy Company Holiday Gift Guide:

  • Limited Edition Mallo Cup Truck: A very unique and extra awesome Boyer collectible! This limited edition truck toy features Mallo Cup artwork and would look great under anybody’s Christmas tree.
  • Logo Merchandise: From Mallo Cup t-shirts to warm and stylish Mallo Cup hoodies, we have the logo merchandise to keep you and your family stylish and help the world know that you’re on #TeamMallo.
  • Baking Ingredients: Do you have someone special in your life that can’t stay out of the Kitchen? At Boyer Candy Company, we offer a selection of baking ingredients and even a cookbook that make the perfect gift for the culinary genius in your life.
  • Candy: It’s a no-brainer, the perfect stocking stuffer, and the all-around universal gift that everybody loves. We are of course talking about delicious, made in the USA, Gluten Free Boyer Candy. Mallo Cups, Smoothie Cups, Peanut Butter Cups, Candy bark, and chocolate covered pretzels are a great anytime gift for anybody with a sweet tooth, or taste buds for that matter.

This holiday season, we hope to be under your tree!