The Benefits of Eating Dark Chocolate

Chocolate comes from the seed of a cocoa tree, so that makes it healthy, right? It turns out, the answer is yes! Who knew eating dark marshmallow cups could be good for you? If you’re wondering just what makes dark chocolate so healthy, read on. Dark Chocolate Mallo Cups

  • Dark chocolate has tons of fiber and minerals. Chocolate that is 70 to 85 percent cacao contains iron, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc, selenium, phosphorus, potassium, not to mention soluble fiber.
  • It’s a great source of antioxidants. Flavanols, polyphenols, and catechins are all organic compounds that function as antioxidants. Scientific research has shown that dark chocolate contains more antioxidant power than blueberries or even acai berries.
  • Dark chocolate can help improve risk factors for heart disease. Cocoa powder has been shown to reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol while increasing HDL (good) cholesterol.
  • Dark chocolate might help lower blood pressure. Flavanols in dark chocolate can stimulate nitric oxide production in the lining of the arteries. This causes arteries to relax, which reduces blood pressure.
  • Dark chocolate has been shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular death.


So the next time you’re craving dark chocolate, go ahead and indulge!

Throwing the Perfect Birthday Party

When you’re planning a birthday party, you want the occasion to not only be fun and exciting, but memorable as well. Birthday parties tell someone how much you care about them while also allowing you the opportunity to show off your party-planning skills! Although it may seem like throwing the perfect party can be impossible at times, it’s much easier than it sounds.

Whether it’s a party for a 13-year-old or a 35-year-old, there are a couple of key points to keep in mind when you organizing a birthday party.

It’s all about the Food
Food can make or break the perfect party. If your menu isn’t what guests are asking for, it might still be a memorable party, but not in the way you were hoping for. A chocolate candy buffet from Boyer Candy is for every birthday celebration! Each Party Time Chocolate Candy Buffet feeds up to 35 people and comes with:

  • 8 oz. Butterscotch peanut bark
  • 8 oz. Dark chocolate peanut bark
  • 8 oz. Peanut Butter Pretzel Bark
  • 8 oz. milk chocolate pretzel bark
  • 8 oz. white chocolate peanut bark
  • 8 oz. milk chocolate pretzel rods
  • 20 oz. Mallo Cups
  • 20 oz. Smoothie Cups

Call Boyer Candies today to learn more about our Party Time Chocolate Candy Buffet!

 Boyer Candy Buffet Table

Interesting Facts About 1936


The Boyer Brothers founded Boyer Candy in 1936! During this period, a lot of other important events were happening, besides the birth of America’s Boyer Candy Company. Boyer Candy created the first cup candy in America, and the same treat is enjoyed by people all over the world today. Let’s take a trip down memory lane, and see what other big events happened in 1936, the year the Mallo Cup was born.

  • The Hoover Dam is completed and begins to create hydroelectric power.
  • President Roosevelt is re-elected to serve his second term.
  • Max Schmeling knocks out Joe Louis in the 12th round of their popular heavyweight match at Yankee Stadium.
  • The Zeppelin Hindenburg falls out of the air seconds after catching fire.
  • Jesse Owens sets an Olympic record!
  • The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) debuts the world’s first television service with three hours of programming per day.
  • The first electric guitars debut.
  • Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell is published.
  • The Boyer Brothers move their at home operation to an industrial facility and begin adding more delicious treats in addition to the Mallo Cup. Smoothie Cups and and Peanut Butter cups were a result of this move!

1936 was a busy and eventful year, and we’re more than proud to be part of the rich history! Every time you bite into a delicious Boyer treat, we hope you enjoy knowing that we’ve been going strong since the 1930s!

Fun Valentine’s Day Facts


In a few weeks it’ll be Valentine’s Day! At Boyer Candy, we’re all about holidays that involve candy, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to give the gift of delicious American made Boyer Candy. There’s a lot you probably didn’t know about the holiday, but luck you for you, Boyer Candy is here to give you a few fun Valentine’s Day facts. So sit back, enjoy a Mallo Cup, and enjoy these fun facts.

  • Back in Victorian times, it was considered a sign of bad luck to sign a Valentine’s Day card.
  • More than 3% of pet owners give their pets Valentine’s Day gifts.
  • In Finland, Valentine’s Day is actually called “Friends Day.” The holiday is meant to honor your friends, more so than your significant other.
  • During the Middle Ages, men and women would draw names from a bowl to pick their Valentine. Once the names were picked, they would wear the paper on their sleeve. This is where the phrase “to wear your heart on your sleeve” came from.
  • In the 1800s, doctors actually prescribed chocolate to their patients to calm their sadness of lost love.
  • The first box of chocolates created for Valentine’s Day was created by Richard Cadbury in the 1800s.
  • Over $1 billion worth of chocolate is purchased for Valentine’s Day every single year.


How Chocolate is Made

Have you ever wondered how exactly chocolate is made? Believe it or not, but there is a long process that takes place to turn a bean into chocolate, which then becomes the outer shell of our delicious Mallo Cups and other Boyer Treats. Below is a brief history of how chocolate is made:


  • Chocolate is the result of a complicated refining process that all begins with bean pods from the Theobroma cacao tree.
  • Cacao pods are harvested from the Theobroma tree. Once the pods are collected, they are split open to reveal the cocoa beans inside.
  • Beans are scraped from pods and left to ferment for two to eight days. The fermentation process helps mellow out the flavor and bring out any fruity undertones. Once fermented, beans are left to dry.
  • Once the beans are dry, they are then roasted to bring out the chocolate flavor we all know and love.
  • After roasting, the shells of the beans are removed, revealing the nibs. Cocoa nibs are essentially the essence of the cocoa bean.
  • Nibs are ground into a thick paste, which resembles and becomes the c conventional chocolate we are all accustomed to.

When it comes to the creation of chocolate, there is a lot of careful work that takes place. At Boyer Candy, we’ve taken the beautiful creation of chocolate and combined it with some of the finest flavors around to create a myriad of delicious treats. Next time you bite into a Mallo Cup, remember how long it took to create that delicious chocolate shell.

Last Minute Holiday Shopping

BoyerHolidayThe holiday clock is ticking, but it’s not too late to give a sweet gift that is sure to satisfy. Did you know that not only has a full selection of delicious Boyer Candy treats, but also incredibly stylish and collectible Boyer Candy merchandise like t-shirts, toy trucks, and so much more. We’re pretty sure that any sweet tooth or retro candy fan will love finding something Boyer under their tree or in their stocking.  Boyer Candy is known for created the world’s first cup candy, which is a fan favorite among young and old. Mallo Cups make the perfect sweet treat for any occasion! If you have a Mallo Cup Lover in your life, perhaps a Mallo Cup t-shirt will make the perfect holiday gift.

Let’s face it! Some people are just way too hard to shop for. However, if you’re looking for a candy gift for someone very special in your life, there’s no better choice than Our delectable gluten free candy is made in America in the lovely state of Pennsylvania and can be shipped anywhere in the USA. Get your orders in today, and make this holiday season a Boyer holiday season. Browse our online candy store today!

Christmas Sweet Sandwiches

sweet sandwich recipe

With holiday parties galore, and the need to bring a dish to your next event, we’re proud to provide this incredibly delicious recipe for Christ Sweet Sandwiches, concocted and submitted by Pam F. This holiday, make your party guests and family happy with Christmas Sweet Sandwiches:


  • Fun-bite Boyer Peanut Butter Cups
  • Ritz Crackers
  • Chocolate for coating. Chocolate can be milk, dark, white, or anything you want based on your preference.


  1. Warm Boyer Peanut Butter Cups until soft by placing them in a bowl, which is then set inside another bowl of scalding hot water. It’s important to work quickly!
  2. Place the softened Boyer Peanut Butter Cup between 2 Ritz cracker and squeeze gently.
  3. Dip the “sandwich” in melted chocolate.
  4. Place your creation on wax paper and wait until they harden, and voila!

These sweet sandwiches are a simple delicious dish that is perfect for the holiday season! Make the holidays even sweeter with this delicious recipe and other delicious Boyer Candy Company recipes.

Boyer Candy Holiday Gift Guide

candy gifts

The holiday season is here! The season for gift giving and spending time with those we love is upon us, which means it’s time to start that holiday shopping. Did you know that Boyer Candy Company offers a lot of fun and awesome gifts for the holiday? We not only sell the best gluten free candy made in the USA, but also offer super cool Boyer Candy merchandise for the sweet tooth in your life. We’re proud to present the 2014 Boyer Candy Company Holiday Gift Guide:

  • Limited Edition Mallo Cup Truck: A very unique and extra awesome Boyer collectible! This limited edition truck toy features Mallo Cup artwork and would look great under anybody’s Christmas tree.
  • Logo Merchandise: From Mallo Cup t-shirts to warm and stylish Mallo Cup hoodies, we have the logo merchandise to keep you and your family stylish and help the world know that you’re on #TeamMallo.
  • Baking Ingredients: Do you have someone special in your life that can’t stay out of the Kitchen? At Boyer Candy Company, we offer a selection of baking ingredients and even a cookbook that make the perfect gift for the culinary genius in your life.
  • Candy: It’s a no-brainer, the perfect stocking stuffer, and the all-around universal gift that everybody loves. We are of course talking about delicious, made in the USA, Gluten Free Boyer Candy. Mallo Cups, Smoothie Cups, Peanut Butter Cups, Candy bark, and chocolate covered pretzels are a great anytime gift for anybody with a sweet tooth, or taste buds for that matter.

This holiday season, we hope to be under your tree!

Get Thankful with Boyer Candy Company

Mallo Cup Thanksgiving

At Boyer Candy there’s a lot to be thankful for! Since becoming famous in the 1940s for our amazing Mallo Cups, Boyer Candy continues to be among one of the longest running candy companies in the United States of America. Our made in the USA candy is the popular among both the young and the old, and is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.  With Thanksgiving just a few weeks away, and Christmas soon to follow, it’s time to get into the festive spirit with Boyer Candy Company! This year, we’re thankful for a lot, and it’s all thanks to our loyal fans and customers.

  • Mallo Cups were the first cup candy ever made in the United States. We’re extremely thankful to continue making these delicious wrapped treats for your enjoyment. Being the first doesn’t always mean the best, but we’re pretty sure it does.
  • We make well over 2,000,000 Mallo Cups per day in the United States! We’re proud to be an American made company.
  • We’re thankful to still provide our fans with Boyer Play Money! It pays to enjoy Mallo Cups.
  • We’re thankful for all of our fans who have stopped into our factory store or will stop in and grab some delicious treats while also learning the delicious history of “America’s first candy in a cup.”
  • We’re thankful for the opportunity to provide incredible fundraising opportunities. Learn more about Boyer Candy fundraising opportunities today!

When you sit down with your family this Thanksgiving, be sure to tell them what you’re thankful for. Thanks for being part of the Boyer Family, and make this holiday a Boyer holiday.

Dark Chocolate Fun Facts

Dark Chocolate History

Dark chocolate is more than just the coating of our delicious Dark Chocolate Mallo Cups, but is actually a powerhouse of flavor and healthy antioxidants. How much about dark chocolate do you really? Here are some fun dark chocolate facts:

  • Dark chocolate is made from the roasted beans of the cacao tree.
  • Dark chocolate is chock full of flavonoids and antioxidants which can positively impact your health. Studies have shown that these flavonoids and antixodants can lower LDL cholesterol, as well as reduce inflammation.
  • Eating dark chocolate can actually lower insulin resistance, a major driver behind diabetes.
  • The Aztecs and Mayans used dark chocolate as currency. Boyer is kind of still keeping this traditional alive, as our Play Money is found in every pack of Dark Chocolate Mallo Cups.
  • It’s been said that the Aztec rulers drank up to ten cups of hot dark chocolate per day. We think 10 Dark Chocolate Mallo Cups would have been more satisfying though.
  • Dark chocolate is a stress reducer.

We hope these fun facts made you hungry for some delicious dark chocolate! Don’t forget to order yourself some of our delicious Dark Chocolate Mallo Cups today. Dark Chocolate Mallo Cups are gluten free, kosher, and 100% delicious.