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New School Year, New Fundraising Candy

Gearing up for a new school year can be an exciting and nervous time for children, parents, and even teachers. The thrill of new adventures and meeting new people is what some look forward to, and even re-connecting with others after a summer break. This is also a time when clubs and organizations begin to plan their fundraising campaigns for the year. If you have children involved in sports or other after-school activities, or you are a teacher that volunteers your time to work with the students for such extracurriculars, you know what we mean.

Boyer Candy has been a long-time supporter of these missions within schools and other organizations. Through the use of our fundraising candy program, we can help you raise funds and awareness for your particular non-profit club or sports team. We know how important it is for children and teenagers to have a safe place to learn and grow by working with others, in addition to receiving the physical activity needed to keep them healthy.

We want the children and teens in your life to always have this opportunity to better themselves and to stay out of trouble. Through the help of our candy fundraising kits, you can ensure that the programs they are involved in are well-maintained and receive the financial support needed to keep them going.

Just how does our fundraising candy work? We offer kits that come with 20 Mallo Cup Bars, 10 Peanut Butter Cup Bars, 10 Smoothie Cup Bars, and 10 Dark Mallo Cup Bars. The price of each bar is $1.00. That’s $50 raised per kit! The cases of Cup Candy come with four carrier kits inside. There are also Triple-Twist Pretzel kits that include 48 bars in total that sell for $1.00 each. A case of these Triple-Twist Pretzels contains six displays. Once you have determined how much money needs to be raised, you’ll be able to figure out how many bars and kits will need to be sold to aid in your organization’s efforts.

Remember, these bars are sensitive to the heat and to odors. Do not leave them in a location where they will be subject to melting or retaining strong odors from anything nearby. These Boyer Candy bars have a shelf life of 12-months.

Learn more about Boyer Candy’s candy fundraising kits program and start raising more funds to support your cause today!

candy fundraising kits