Boyer Fun Bite Facts

Boyer Candy has a strong and vibrant history! We’ve proudly been manufacturing our sweet treats in the United States since the 1930s and continue to produce made in the USA treats that are gluten free, delicious, and classic. We’re very proud of our history, and love to show it. Here are a few Boyer Fun Bite Facts that you may not have known!

Boyer Candy Facts

  • The Mallo Cup was the very 1st cup candy made in the USA. We’re sure you’ve heard of the other popular cup candy, but the Mallo was the cup candy that started it all.
  • Our Play Money Program has been around for over 73 years, and loyal Boyer fans continue to save their play money for amazing Boyer prizes.
  • Over 5% of all Play Money is redeemed nationwide.
  • A man from Uniontown Ohio mailed in enough coin cards to receive an amazing $353.00 check. This is the largest amount of Play Money redeemed by a single consumer in Boyer history. Now, that’s what we call a sweet tooth.
  • It takes 20 tons of creamy mallo to fill 2,000,000 Mallo Cups. Could you imagine how much Play Money you’d have if you had 2,000,000 Mallo Cups?
  • Over 2,000,000 Mallo Cups are made every day at the Boyer plant. If laid side by side, they would cover over 58 miles. Who wants the streets to be paved with gold when they could be paved with Mallo?
  • In 2007, Rachel Ray declared the Triple Twist Pretzel the treat of the week. We agree with her when she called them “DELISSCH.”
  • The Boyer brothers started Boyer Candy in their mother’s kitchen.
  • Most of our products are Gluten Free and Kosher!

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