Boyer Candy’s Retro Candy “Play Money” Still Going Strong

If you grew up on Boyer Candy, then you are more than likely familiar with our Play Money program. For several generations, we’ve continued this program, helping to put a smile on the faces of many children and adults throughout the years. The Play Money program is still in full swing, and the prizes you can choose from are always a crowd pleaser.

For those who are just getting acquainted with the Boyer Candy brand, our Play Money program reveals a coin in our Mallo Cup wrapping that ranges in value from five to fifty cents. Each coin is printed on a decorative cardboard package that can be used to redeem free candy or other great Boyer Candy gifts, like delicious treats or merchandise like toys and apparel that sport our logo. You may even be the lucky recipient of a coin that rewards you with a free Boyer Candy t-shirt!

The Play Money program is a long-running rebate program that allows you to enjoy our retro candy and get a little more out of it! Each time you unwrap a Mallo Cup, you’ll receive a coin. We’re also excited to introduce our new two-pack bars that feature two coins inside, as well as the four-pack bars that offer four coins! For every 500 Mallo Cup coins you earn, you can redeem them for a $2.00 cash rebate or continue saving for a bigger prize!

We love continuing tradition; that is why we still offer this long-time family favorite. Not only is it still running, but we add new items to the list for you to redeem. We have exciting new products that have just been added – check out these new items and the full list here. Browse through our selection of Mallo Cups and other retro candy today!

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