Boyer Candy: Merchandise You Can Wear

Love a good Mallo Cup every now and then? Sure you do! Our candy is one-of-a-kind! Not only do we offer ooey-gooey treats that are like no other, we even provide you with merchandise that will help you proclaim your love for Boyer Candy!

Picture this: you’re walking around the park, the mall, or even your favorite sports team’s venue, decked out in your favorite candy brand’s gear. I bet you can just imagine the conversations that will be started with you from those you come in contact with. Sure, at first they might wonder and ask, “What team is that?” But you can then assure them it’s a candy company that has a roster, if you will, full of delicious snacks that are hard to pass up! Just think about all the newly converted Boyer Candy fans you can create when you stroll around town in your new Mallo Cup t-shirt.

Or if you have quite a few friends and family members that you already know like to indulge in our nostalgic desserts, show them your support with our logo merchandise. They’ll appreciate that you took the time to get them such a personalized present. They’ll enjoy the classic look of our Mallo Cup label design – almost as much as they enjoy snacking on the candy!

Whether you’re giving the merchandise to a loved one, or adding it to your own personal wish list, Boyer Candy offers gifts for all occasions to spread smiles and happiness. Shop online now to find the clothing no wardrobe should be without! Don’t forget to throw in a little something extra, like a pack of our classic Mallo Cups. With gifts for all occasions from Boyer Candy, there’s something for everybody!

gifts for all occasions

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