Boyer Candy Holiday Gift Guide

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The holiday season is here! The season for gift giving and spending time with those we love is upon us, which means it’s time to start that holiday shopping. Did you know that Boyer Candy Company offers a lot of fun and awesome gifts for the holiday? We not only sell the best gluten free candy made in the USA, but also offer super cool Boyer Candy merchandise for the sweet tooth in your life. We’re proud to present the 2014 Boyer Candy Company Holiday Gift Guide:

  • Limited Edition Mallo Cup Truck: A very unique and extra awesome Boyer collectible! This limited edition truck toy features Mallo Cup artwork and would look great under anybody’s Christmas tree.
  • Logo Merchandise: From Mallo Cup t-shirts to warm and stylish Mallo Cup hoodies, we have the logo merchandise to keep you and your family stylish and help the world know that you’re on #TeamMallo.
  • Baking Ingredients: Do you have someone special in your life that can’t stay out of the Kitchen? At Boyer Candy Company, we offer a selection of baking ingredients and even a cookbook that make the perfect gift for the culinary genius in your life.
  • Candy: It’s a no-brainer, the perfect stocking stuffer, and the all-around universal gift that everybody loves. We are of course talking about delicious, made in the USA, Gluten Free Boyer Candy. Mallo Cups, Smoothie Cups, Peanut Butter Cups, Candy bark, and chocolate covered pretzels are a great anytime gift for anybody with a sweet tooth, or taste buds for that matter.

This holiday season, we hope to be under your tree!

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