Boyer Candy Celebrations: True Love Starts With a Mallo Cup


Chocolate and flowers are a classic first date gift, and go together like…chocolate and marshmallow or even spaghetti and meatballs. It may be an antiquated gesture that isn’t exactly a common practice, but we certainly still stand behind this age old tradition. Whether on a first date or as a Valentine’s Day tradition, chocolate and flowers are the perfect romantic gift. Even better, we’ve combined chocolate with flowers and offer chocolate roses. Of course, Mallo Cups are never a bad idea to woo the one you currently have the “eyes” for. When it comes to special moments, why not take Boyer Candy along? Below are just a few situations that Boyer Candy can make even more magical:

True Love Mallo CUp

  • Sweetest Day: In Northeast Ohio and other areas in the Great Lakes Region locals celebrate a holiday called “Sweetest Day.” This holiday is celebrated by giving small presents like candy and flowers to loved ones. States that currently celebrate this holiday are Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and New York. We can certainly stand behind this one!
  • First Dates: It may have been more common for your grandparents than your parents, but a long time ago a man would woo his woman on the first date with a small gift. We don’t know any young lady who wouldn’t love a night out with Mallo Cups in tow.
  • Valentine’s Day: Do we even have to explain? Boyer Candy is the perfect Valentine’s Day Candy choice! You can’t spell LOVE without Mallo Cup…or maybe you can, but you get the idea.

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