Boyer Back to School Candy Bonanza

It’s almost time that we bid adieu to warm weather, cookouts, and summer fun.  It seems that summer keeps getting shorter and shorter every year, but there are positives on the horizon. The young ones are on their way back to school to start a new year, and Halloween is almost on the horizon with Christmas following shortly after. However, let’s not forget what’s truly important right now in the present, back to school candy!


If your little ones are on their way back to school or even starting school for the first time, why not hide a special treat in their lunchbox? A mini Mallo Cup perhaps or a Smoothie cup will keep your students happy and satisfy their sweet tooth when they’re at school. Back to school candy is also great for students to give to their new favorite teacher. We’re sure that any student that rewards their teacher with a delicious Mallo Cup will certainly do well this semester!

Boyer Candy is also the perfect companion to those headed out on their own and adventuring into the world of college.  Did you know that you could order 15 lbs of Mallo Cup Fun Bites at We’re sure that will get your college student through at least half of a semester, or a week. It’s back to school season and Boyer Candy is honored to be part of it.

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